13 August 2007

OCD Boy - Superhero extraordinaire (as heard on the Russell Howard Show)

Posted 17 Jun 07

By night a stand up comedian with a hatred of flip flops but by day, Jon Richardson is transformed into the superhero known as OCD Boy.

A normal day in sleepy Swindon see's our hero doing battle with the chavs amongst the aisles of his local supermarket.

Having finally categorised the frozen peas by their location within the European community, our hero espies a young lady precariously perched on the edge of a freezer compartment.

Fearing for the damsel's dignity as she displays her knickers to the passers by, he sprints down the aisle and comes to a skidding halt by her feet.

Casting his hygiene issues aside he grabs the damsel round the waist and lifts her back onto the floor and into the realm of restored honour.

As the young lady begins to express her undying gratitude for this supremely gentlemanly gesture, OCD boy takes flight before she can attempt to engage him in conversation and unwittingly reveal his superhero weakness.

In a flash our hero boards the nearest 'chav central' bus and returns to his dusty office with only his favourite pet, Reg for company.

Join us next week for more scintillating adventures of OCD boy – the man that dinner parties were made for.

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