14 August 2007

*Obituary - Jools RIP

Posted 19 Jun 2007

Jools died tragically today after a misfortunate zorbing accident saw her hurtle across Giants causeway and into the sea.

A prolific comedy writer, Jools wrote many of our best loved sitcoms and radio plays and was responsible for the famous 'courgette syndrome' monologues.
Stan up comics across the world sought her wit, wisdom and impressive bosom and her closest friends included Ed Byrne, Brendon Burns and Eddie Izzard.

Described as a lovable rogue and adored by her legion of 'courgettie' fans she is survived by her husband, the actor George Clooney and her cats Fifibooboo and Tallulah Belle.

The memorial service will be held in Jools' favourite wine bar where chocolate hobnobs will be served and her ashes will be made into commemorative egg timers.
Guests are requested to wear appropriate pyjama attire and donations should be sent to the charity,
GAG - helping comics adjust to society since 1878.

*Penned at school today - I got paid to write that! :)

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