23 August 2007

Jools is recovering from another ’hedging’

11 Aug 2007

damn bloody things - I swear they're ganging up on me since I took one of their own 'out' recently.
I mean it's damn unfair ganging up on an innocent but rather merry bystander, who happens upon a shortcut on her way home from a work's do

I mean what sort of malicious hedge looks upon a small, slightly inebriated, individual and decides to send them backwards down a small slope on their hands and knees to be greeted by a large thud as said individual hits the bottom of the bank and attempts to disentangle herself from the hedgerow.

That's the world today folks - damn dangerous, with evil hedgerows hell bent on causing as much damage as possible to wellie wearing wenches.



llewtrah said...

Hmm. Are any types of hedge more vicious than others? The world needs to know!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, seems cool.

Joe joestain13@yahoo.com