20 August 2007

Hi ho Hi ho

03 Aug 2007

So during the day I have to be all sensible and I spend my whole time keeping hormonal women apart. Honestly it's all women ever do in a work based scenario, they just want to bitch at each other and blame it on their hormones.

There's always something to blame it on, they've just split up with their boyfriend, they're discovering their sexuality, they're pregnant or going through the menopause, doesn't matter, any which way you have it - there's going to be tears before bedtime.

I spend my whole time doing some demented Dr Phil impression – 'so tell me, how do you feel about that? And what I'm hearing from you is…..'

I ended up having to go through a mediation meeting because someone wanted the fucking lights on in the office. For fucks sake you only have to work with these people, we're not asking you to make them your life partner, you just have to work out how to share a bloody stapler.

Ricky Gervais is renowned for writing a wonderful sitcom about office politics that centres on bad management and office romances but really offices consist of people slagging one another off cause they've had to share a 4 hole punch and someone's left the paper guide on the wrong setting.

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llewtrah said...

So far I've managed to avoid being hormonal except for once or twice when I got a bit snappy. But I have been suffering work-related stress lately and that's a real bummer as I hate feeling I am not pulling my weight.