26 June 2007

Too old for this.....

Posted 13th May

I am way too old to be wandering round Cardiff at some bizarre hour in the morning and then get semi lost and detoured on the way home, meaning I didn't get home til 4am at which point its hardly worth bothering going to bed! - so I haven't. I have poo pooed the sleep option and have gone with the tried and tested 'tea' technique.

Unfortunately there's no hob nobs in the house and the land of wellies is still asleep, so I'm functioning on too much coke (drink), not enough food, slightly worn out feet and the grateful realisation that I am not and will never be a hen night victim.

Hugs and sherbert dib dabs all over y'all
(new readers should take some time to read the blog archive BEFORE making judgements on blogger's ability to systematically entertain mucho squirrels in her noggin - which to be fair I can do with style and dexterity on a number of occasions).

*Bimbles off to see if someone really does still sell milk tray...dah dah da da da dah....... (that's the theme tune to the milk tray man, folks, sing it like you mean it!).

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