30 March 2007


Sorry everyone I've been sucked into that damned munterspace thing and bloglines had gone postal on me! So apologies for not commenting and visiting but bloglines wasn't telling me that people were posting and it suddenly occurred to me..ooh I've not read ole Bob's blog for a while, surely he hasn't actually shut his gob for once? (- no such luck punters - he's still rabbiting on and now I've got to play catch up and read the whole damned lot of it - someone get me a JD and coke...pleaseeeee....)

Anyway April is devoid of any social activities (this is a good thing as me, my car and my wallet are all crippled) so I can spend loads of time catching up wiv stuff before Londoning again.

Ramblings are still going on, over at myspaz, but if you've not been suckered into it...here's another of the random and increasingly odd bits of fluff that's eeked out of my noggin:

Do insects have tongues? If so do you think spiders try and do that thing where they lick all their elbows? And what about bee’s? Do other bee’s go up to them and start licking the black stripes thinking they’re a mint humbug? What exactly is a humbug? I imagine it would be some cute sort of fuzzy bug that rubs it’s legs together to cause a humming sound?

~~~~~If you are a myspazzer, please go comment on my blog - any old bollocks will do I don't care I just want to beat Danny James in popularity (bloody unlikely, but I do have bigger norks than him so surely that should get me some commenters....Bob?)

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