10 February 2007

Let me be a lesson to you all - #3

Oh my blogarino's I've been and done it again. I mean why oh why do these things happen to me. There I am all set for another marathon MSN session including but not limited to discussions about hot actors, hot singers, leather trousers and the removal there of..when I find myself tucked up in bed and (probably) snoring loudly.
I don't know what happened and can only blame it on post work week fatigue setting in - so apologies for not lending any of my 'infamous' entertainment (i.e fantastic typos) to the evening's proceedings.

(Of course this had absolutely nothing to do with a bottle of rosé, no way, not at all - see previous postings, at least the poetry pisshead didn't make an appearance).

In other news I'm very proud to say that I was (quite technically) able to tell NCCKG that whilst she was wrong to think the polar bears are invisible there is some truth in the statement as their fur is transparent. How the fuck did I know that?
Of course this led to an entirely new conversation about if they were in the desert would they be yellow and how come they're still white in zoos.
Er because they're still on snow....
Yeh but they're outside
Yes but they have a clever freezing gidget that still makes snow - I mean its not like in the middle of winter in the tropical house the crocodiles are going 'Oi Fred turn the radiator up will ya it's bloody freezing in here'.

And so endeth the lesson

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