11 February 2007

How do you blog?

Ok so carrying on from the enormous success that was blogging bedrooms (cough)..how/where do you blog?

Are you a desker or a lapper? (lapper Bob, not slapper)

What do you need in front of you to get the best enjoyment from the tinterweb (Bob - we've taken it as read that there would be hand cream and tissues in front of you, so don't feel that you need to add those in).

So getting the ball rolling, here's my tinterweb haven and associated products:
1. Monitor obv..currently displaying muzac...the one thing I can't do without in blogosphere, got have some tunes going dude. Notice it's still tilting, but I'm kinda used to it now.
2. TV - yep as a multititter got have the TV, in fact its rare that I do both but its generally there for when I retire to bed, assuming I've not passed out on it (the bed not the monitor obv).
3. Boring work/course related stuff but at least the damn course is going ahead at last
4. Research of the highest calibre. Whatever is current viewing in the Jools household, especially late at night with the curtains drawn....
5. Porker mags - gotta have em, gotta read em, gotta reach for that kebab.. a lil bit of escapism never did anyone any harm.
6. Misc junk, incl notebook for random thoughts, a half started version of 'only happy when it rains', which features YOU lot and I've never finished, microphone/headset thingy, some randomly collected gemstones, couple of Christmas cards.
7. Blank cd's - always lurking about in case I need to erm swap something with someone on the tinterweb.
8. Health/Beauty products - including vitamins, moisturiser and lipbalm as I check this damn thing in the morning whilst having first cuppa of the day and must start applying the slap, allowing at least 40 mins for my face to fall into place.
9. Trusty mobile which needs a huge amount of charging.
10. Piggy bank - currently empty and bought on a whim.
11. Chocolate, normally dark for when I get the munchies..there's always a bar up here and a bar in the fridge.
12. Candles - always got some lurking, but are in shot today as the room was taking on a somewhat dubious smell (I blame the cats) and these are nice vanillery ones.
13. Assorted crap - piles of stuff to take to work and bills to pay.
14. Missing item - prize to the person who gets it 'completely' accurate.
So there we go my blogarino's my wee haven of tinterweb joy. I must point out however that it took me 40 (yes count them) mins of clearing up before this was in a decent enough state to take a photo of. I feel I may be taking on Bob's traits by osmosis as there were several dubious stains and rather a lot of sticky stuff which required removal.
So tagging people with the meme stick (am I the only one who thinks that sounds like me me so we can all show off our great big ego's?). I tag Billster, Bob and RoMo to come up with the goods.....go run with the antelopes my fellow munters.


Billy said...

Where did you get that piggy bank from?

baggiebird said...

See most of my blogging is done at work during my lunch hour. Am I going to be forced to take a photo of my desk? Lets face it's more interesting that the laptop at hope which is in the dining room sitting on top of the printer at the moment.

llewtrah said...

Desktop PC. Landline nearby. Possibly music on a portable stereo. Generally a cat trying to edit my work.

rockmother said...

Shit - I better get the camera out but I mainly blog from two places and one of them involves no clothing - I might have to take that photo rather carefully - will be up tomorrow madam - oo-er - titter ye not.

Jools said...

Piggy bank from my wonderful gift shop in my wee back haven of swinging sorry err tranquility