26 October 2006

House to myself

Sorry about the unoriginal title of this post but my brain has gone all mushy from chlorine. Yes folks I have been of the swimming partaking so I am dewy eyed (i.e. bloodshot) and fresh faced (read, skin like a camel's hump*). However I do indeed have the house all to myself from err NOW until sometime Sunday (woo hoo) but what shall I do with all this space and time? I have a friend coming over tomorrow night but otherwise I'm at a loss. So suggestions on the back of a fag packet, or failing that in the comment box - please!!

And if anyone says go out and find a boyfriend I reserve the right to wallop you with a herring or other fish type thingy!

*originally typed skim like a camel's jump...?????


Billy said...

Do what I do - cook smelly food and don't bother getting dressed.


llewtrah said...

Having the house to yourself means:
- you can eat things that make you fart and not care
- you can wander around nude and not brush your hair
- you can put on music/films that you're embarrassed to play when there are others around
- you can leave the washing up "till later" and not feel guilty
- you can have wine and choccy while lounging in the bath

My usual choices are nudity and eating food that makes me anti-social.

realdoc said...

You can pinch the kids' dvd player and watch your favourites in the bath whilst drinking gin.*

*this may be from personal experience