23 August 2006

So I wasn't go to blog...but

I thought you'd all miss me. Actually I'm still having a right old sulk but thought I'd share my foul mood with the rest of ya (ha that'll learn ya)
Went to our lovely library yesterday and was slightly bemused to find its gone all trendy and technological. We're now 'self serve' so you don't have to wait in annoying queues and deal with bespectacled harbingers of doom tutting at your choice of paperback. Oh no now you just place your books on a wee padette and some clever gizmo thing works out just how many copies of 'how to blog' and 'boggling for the new millennium' you want to remove from the establishment and prints you a handy reminder slip of their due date.

But even better than that, when you return the tomes to their dusty domicile you just bung them on the pad again, press return and hey presto a little letterbox opens up to the side of you. I'm positively excited about this new fangled gizzet as it somehow reminds me of those crap rotary club Santa's you get at the village 'turning on the Christmas light' type affair.

More serious note though - I went with the sole reason to get some 'high brow' books so that I know what you literary types are on about (I am deeply intimidated by blogger book conversation's and am convinced if we meet I'll be the one in the corner rocking back and forth sporting a particularly nice hoodie with a big D on it). To my shame I returned with 4 more 'chick lit' books and not an ounce of self esteem or cunning intellect. HELP!
What books should I read and why?

pluggity plug plug - would still love to hear your comments ref my first foray into podding


Billy said...

Jools, I did a please suggest me a book post ages ago. The suggestions were rather good:


Billy said...

...oh and don't feel intimidated by people talking about all the books they've read. They're just trying to make up for crippling insecurities (or is it just me?) :)

chatterbox said...

I think Billy is right.

Along those lines, if you want something to read which is good fun, but has scope for pontificating(sp?), what about Julian Barnes A History of the World in 10 1/2 chapters. One of my favourites.