26 August 2006

One for the boys

ok so blogger was being a complete fishes tit last night and wouldn't let me post this, but as promised, some hotties for the boys - who if I was gay I would definitely

L-R Shania, Scarlett, Liv, Sienna, Anna, Kate


Billy said...


Jools said...

Glad you approve young lad!

Billy said...

Sure do :)

Istvanski said...

Bottom centre pic looks like Annie Rhiannon. They even have the same names, perhaps they were separated at birth?

I think we should be told.

Oh, by the way Jools...next time you do a podcast, you should speak in a very broad west country accent.

I'd certainly get a kick out of it.

Jools said...

That's the lovely Anna Friel - ack just finished the next podcast, but will try to remember for the enxt one

skeadugenga said...

Well if I was gay, I would as well, except for Sienna and Scarlett, a girls got to draw the line somewhere.

Loved your first podcast! Let us know if you get any photos of trouserage.. Looking forward to the next one.

Its skay-doo-ghen-ja, but you can call me Kate x