21 August 2006

Know your limits

Ok I am having a problem with blogging. Anyone who knows me (which is hopefully no one who visits here or the cat really is out of the Harrods hamper) knows I can talk the hind legs off a donkey, as proved in the pod. The thing is, this is now crossing over into blogging, I've got way too much utter garbage to spout on about.
I really am trying to be good and limit myself to one post a day, as I fear the dreaded bloggers block.
I've taken to writing down all my blog thoughts, to use at a later point. Some of these are admittedly meme's and other ideas nicked from other blogs, so no great rush to tell you all about them as you've seen them all before. However today I decided to write blog ideas in my little notebook as they occurred to me at work.
Not a problem there Jools I hear you say, work by its very existence is a dull place and therefore not prone to bouts of abstract thought.... I came up with 13..... oh dear.

Ok but some of the randomness of today included:
Never finish all your ironing - you'll run out of wardrobe space
Rabbit Ears - why do people insist on doing rabbit ears at the back of their head? In reality rabbit's ears are generally quite happy sitting at the sides of their face, so 'rabbit ears' are only a reality when said bunny is startled. Obviously this was accompanied by the obligatory miming (by everyone in the office I hasten to add) of 'rabbit ears' but that doesn't really translate in a blog v well.
Today I've had squeaky shoes and it's very addictive
Following on from the recent BDSM theme, it seems everyone is at it. Sent an email to a colleague today regarding what I should wear to an interview for a course I'm going to be attending. Email came back saying the the accepted level of dress was PVC or anything BDSM related and anyone not attending in such garb would be forced to stand on a table shouting 'I love bondage'! What's that called? Sonic resonance or whatever it is...whole world gone mad if you ask me.


Billy said...

"the accepted level of dress was PVC or anything BDSM related"

Blimey Jools, any jobs going at your place?

Jools said...

Hundreds, but who wants to live in the sticks and be surrounded by pvc wearing masochists?

Billy said...

I could commute...

skeadugenga said...

Are you sure they weren't having you on Jools? Mental image of you turning up in pvc, when it turns out to be a suit moot. I recommend you go in normal clothes with a bin liner and belt in your bag for swift improvisation.

Jools said...

But pvc and thigh high leather boots are my normal gear! ;)