02 July 2006

Sunday Happy Sunday

Sunday's are fast turning into my favourite day of the week. Today is yet another hot one, way too hot if I'm honest. I'm sat here in shorts and t-shirt and literally everything is sticking to me, the cats are unimpressed too. Am pleased with myself though as got my arse in gear and went for a walk last night, then came back and even though I'd switched the PC off I switched it back on again and actually carried on with the book for 30 mins. Have done the same again today, so yep I've done a full hour's writing and am fairly pleased with what I got down. I suppose I should explain a little bit about it.
Have always wanted to write a book and believe I'm one of those 'everyone's got a book in them' people - although I don't really believe it because if that were true everyone would've had a book published by now and some people can't string a sentence together in a conversation let alone on paper. Anyway have had some half hearted attempts at it in the past more for my own practice than anything else. But have taken heed and have decided to write about what I know about so am kind of writing a handbook for the 30 something female. Well the first chapter which I'm having no problems with, is all about alcohol and considering that at the age of 31 I managed to throw up all over the kitchen last Saturday night due to way too much lemon schnapps, I think I'm quite well placed to give advice :)
Have also had a lovely lazy day reading the papers and chilling out...must do tarot reading in a bit.....

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