08 July 2006

Mini milestone

Ok so I think I've turned a milestone...
Last night I opened a bottle of wine...and wait for it...it's still open. Yes that's right I actually only drank about 2 glasses from it which means its still sat in the fridge for tonight. That might not mean a lot to you but to me it's like turning a new page in a book as I was very much with the school of 'once you open a bottle you've got to consume the lot'. I can only assume that this strange behaviour is what resulted in my even more strange desire to go for a run this morning. And this I did - yes me, at 6am this morning running round the fields, well being honest it was kind of lollaping, strolling, lollaping a bit more.... but I was the only person in the fields at 6am (the wellie brigade not having roused their cocker spaniels from their beds yet) and its a glorious morning so apart from getting a blister and being covered in bits of hay, it was alright!

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