10 July 2006

Hi ho Hi ho

and back to work go. Ok so the weekend was fine, had the house to myself on Saturday night which was bliss. Did all the girlie things like, 40 mins on the cross trainer (bloody hell my thighs hurt), lovely bubbly bath (plucking my ever increasing eyebrows whilst I was at it), then settled down to tea (which consisted of 4 x Laughing cow light triangles, yoghurt with fruit coulis, 2 glasses of wine and 4 tiny bits of fair trade dark chocolate - bizarre I know) and then watched the fabulous Sword of Honour. However didn't actually realise it was a mini series and over 3 hours long, so was a bit surprised that I was still up watching it at gone midnight, however it was worth it and I strongly recommend it to anyone who enjoys Foyles war and the like.

Sunday was spent lolling around reading the paper, updating websites and dragging out my foot spa as I realised my feet are in a bit of a knackered old state (its my age you see, everything's beginning to droop or ache or crack....)
Oh yes and Mummy cat is quite mad, she seems to have decided to 'provide' for the kittens (even tho 2 have left home and the other 2 are 5 months old) so far she has relocated the following items: Scrubbing brush, chicken bones, flips flops, my Frank n Furter rubber duck and several worms (now deceased) - odd little thing. Plus black and white kitten decided he was going to come in from outdoors whilst I had the window open, however his perception must have been slightly askew as he ran straight up to the window, smacked into it and the slid down the outside just like a cartoon sketch. He was unharmed, however I nearly had to be taken to hospital to have my sides stitched up (funniest thing I've seen in ages, still laughing about it now in fact).


Rabidus Badgerus said...

Laughing cow light triangles are the best! And exercise, whats that?

My dog runs into walls. He has a ball fetish, and he runs without looking. Brightens up those dull days. Love your blog, the title's excellent!

Jools said...

It actually comes from a rather spiffing Alan Davies stand up line...along the lines of parachute pants and Dad's having comfy pants. If you haven't seen his stand up stuff I strongly recommend it.
The production bit just came along when I used to produce graphics work and wanted to call my website something (long gone now and I'm crap at graphics these days!)