14 July 2006

Love love love it!

Check out the new link for Angry Alien Productions. Flippin hilarious especially RHPS. Enjoy my luvvlies (don't say I never give you anything).

~ Have just watched a sex scene (don't ask its research for the website - honest) and realise that I don't like them. Now don't get me wrong I have no aversion to porn, and may well share my porn shed theory with you all one day but sex scenes in anything other than French films just aren't necessary. I mean we're all grown ups and we all know what they're getting up to and frankly it just makes most of us feel jealous or slightly inadequate (or in worst cases, both). It just serves to remind us that everyone else in the world is having sex, when in fact they're not - and like us they'd rather be in their jim jams watching Midsomer and drinking horlicks! Am I wrong?

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J.J said...


Thanks for the link, and great to find a new and fun blog :-)