15 July 2006

James Hetfield is a god

...amongst men. Sorry but have been watching a metallica special on kerrang and feel the need to lament about the very trouserly endowed Mr Hetfield. I bow to your superior trouser action, lyrical prowess and poetical ramblings, you are indeed a god amongst men (oh so few) mice (oh so many). Other honorary mentions must be bestowed upon the wondrous Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell, who also know how to splay their legs with wicked abandon.

*Note to self, must not watch rock gods, drink grenache and have access to a computer as may lead to rampant and rather sexually liberated ramblings.....incl many misaligned typos...oops


Heather said...

Ooo, Mr Vedder indeed, yummy. He's one of my favourite men of all time, oh the voice!

Jools said...

Voice, voice...are you mad?..ooh the troosers! and the hair (when it was long y'see)ooh and the bod and the passion ooh and just everything....*tailspin*

Heather said...

I would love to say that I'm not that shallow but mmm, the hair and the face and the passion/intensity all have something to do with my love of Eddie V.

However I have a thing about men's voices, some of them just make me go 'wibbly' I believe the term is. Especially Vedder, Robert Plant and Rufus Wainwright, listening to Rufus in particular is like aural chocolate.