04 July 2006

Flippin people

So back to work today as felt much better but kind of wished I hadn't bothered. I have a friend who's going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment so I'm being my normal sympathtic self trying to encourage to go out more, being a shoulder to cry on etc and I don't expect her to be happy or cheerful or anything, but when she can't even say nice things to me it makes me wonder why I bother! She couldn't even muster a well done when I said I'd lost 3lbs (which she knows is an uphill battle for me) and then when I mentioned some chap that I fancied and made of joke of the fact I could try and get him to ask me out, her response was 'Well that's never going to happen is it!' Bloody cheek if you ask me, I mean she might hate men at the moment but does she really have to piss on my parade too!
Sorry min rant over and done with now.

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