20 August 2007

Ow buggering ow

10 Jul 2007

Its official - exercise is dangerous for you - don't do it I tell you, don't believe the hype, it's all total bollocks...

Yup once again I have done myself an injury. After attempting a run down one of the various country lanes (well I say run when really I mean a lollop not much faster than one of my bovine audience) I am now the proud owner of a dodgy foot. Could possibly be a ripped tendon but have spent the whole day attempting not to walk anywhere and making staff come to me.

Lil buggers didn't even bother bringing me any grapes - how the hell am I supposed to do my Cleopatra impression?

So once again I am incapacitated and the support bandage has done about as much use as a sports bra (not that I would wear a sports bra on my foot, I'm demented but even I know they go round your ears).

So everyone say..ahhhhhhhh and send me tea and cakes and hot men to make me feel better :)

Oh and I shall blog about pissing on ladybirds etc, however I need to seek informative guidance from the other participants as the facts have yet to be confirmed.
(i.e. I was a bit pissed and can't remember how these conversations came about but am hoping we may be able to piece together the evening).

mwah mwah xx

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