13 July 2007


Posted 11 Jun

I am currently sat here in my pants and bra, waiting for my fake tan to dry and slowly turn me into a day glo traffic cone.
Believe me this is not a good look, but at least for once my underwear matches.

Well not so much matches as co-ordinates..i.e. both bits are black, matching would be a little extreme..I mean they're only work pants after all.
God, hope I don't go anywhere with any chance of pulling, the poor sod's going to be in for a real treat when he see's me in my work best.

So who else is blogging in their pants?

Serendiptiy - Does this count as a fetish post or just a bit sad? ;)

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llewtrah said...

At work I have no choice but to be formally dressed (except "smart casual" Fridays). At home I blog semi-clad or even nude. Right now I am wearing a singlet and tatty "gardening" skirt, but no undies! If I ever get wireless up and running, I'll blog form my laptop in the loo!!