21 June 2007

Wellied Wonder wanders of to Londinium

Posted 6th May

I know I should blog about the wellied wonder pounding the streets of Londinium, but a sense of embarrasment and bewilderment are stopping me from fully divulging all of yesterday's events, so in quick summary - some of the surrealism of yesterday:

Coaches nearly missed but caught by skin of teeth (not wonky or brace encased) = 1
Miles of area around Victoria pounded to not locate an internet cafe = 3 but feels about 3000
Numbers of friend's who got lost looking for Sainsbury's when its opposite them, straing them in the face = 1
Number of times banged head against internet cafe wall trying not to laugh out loud = countless
Amount of tea consumed = not enough
Amount of actors who walked from their play to come and introduce themselves to me = 1
Amount of mooners met, squeezed and on way to sozzling = 1 (Emma, love ya babes)
Percentage of assembled mass who got off the tube in the wrong place, not once but twice = about 70%
Glasses of rosé consumed = 1 (v large)
Amount of assembled mass who were stupidly awake at 5am and writing superhero posts whilst eating a lonely breakfast = 1 (sad ole me).

Londinium in a nutshell - bit cold, started to warm up, frienships renewed and formed, much giggling and knackerage. Do it all again next week guys? ;)

Love y'all - curry all over ya.

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