19 February 2007

Back to the Smith again

Well as Billy says I'm spending more time in the Smith than he is these days..so staying with my normal reports (cause I've been told I have a certain 'style' which is very recognisable - really only cause I have my own made up language) I bring Jools guide to seeing comedy:

1300 Driveage to Hookling for meetage and much huggage amazingly don't get lost and end up smack bang on time without going wrong once - I'm getting quite good at this driving AND navigating malarky
1415 Teaage (obv.)
1500 Passengerage to Osterlinglee and then trainage to Londinium
1600 Bimbleage, navigation skills challenged however once again I ome up trumps and navigate straight to the venue - I tells you Iwas on top form yesterday. Of course colleague goes 'Well are you sure it's down there'....'well there are a load of posters up outside referring to the show we're going to see!'
1615 More teeage and blueberry muffin (Sorry Riverside people for making such a mess all over your floor but if you will sell flaky pastries (or waking up with a Danish!) you've got to expect some crumb action. Much chat action, which quite freaked me out as I didn't have a keyboard to hand, however you can rest assured that I make just as many typos in real life.
1800 Made my mate sit right at the very front and I mean right at the front, cause there's not even a stage as such just a lip that's about 2 inches tall, which must be a real struggle for the comedian to climb up onto. ;)
2000 Finally exit stage holding my sides and doing my best to not look embarrassed - Mate can fill you in (go on you know you want to!) but did involve me, some beer, comments about munterspace, backswill and Electric Blue - and that was just me!
2200 Tubeage again, lovely journey back, no nutters or owt
2300 More teaage (canyou see a theme developing here)
0100 Eventually arrive home to some 'interesting' messages on munterspace

Fantastic night had by all. Mate (don't know what name you want to use hon) thanks so much for the company and the chats and putting up with me! Ed - thanks for allowing me to be your comedy sidekick for the night! Oh and finally Daniel 'I name things' thank you for giving me one of the best laughs I've had in ages!

Rock on dudes (LC wants you to!)


llewtrah said...

Oooh blueberry muffinage!

Why does blogger say "user account not found? Darned nu-blogger!

chatterbox said...

It was a fantastic night..

I don't know whether the best bit was when you asked him for a drink and he recognised you, when you provided the springboard for his porn routine by recognising Electric Blue, or when he nearly gave you the beer (complete with backswill)at the end, but settled for a handshake (although what he had being doing with his hands earlier would have made me think twice...) What a lovely, very funny man. (erm, and you too actually Jools!)

By the way, there does seem to be a lot of teaage - all of it true, but you did forget the extra drinkage inbetween...

A good night - thanks for suggesting it!

chatterbox said...

Me again...

Having read my comment back, I should just clarify you are a funny lady, rather than funny man!

Jools said...

Still lmao..that's it Chatterbox, give all my best lines away! Folks it was a very funny night and one that I really should've takem my own advice about taking on a stand up comedian. However Ed was gracious and sweet and really didn't stick the boot in too hard...to be fair there was a hell of lot of other stuff I wanted to say..but folks...get me I bloody restrained myself and my gob but as Chatterbox can testify sometimes these little quips just get the better of me and come straight out.
I would like to point out that the best person there was 'Daniel' an American who just kept giving Ed more and more fodder...just didn't get any better than that!

rockmother said...

I'm having an Olive moment and really confused. Did you heckle Ed Byrne?

chatterbox said...

She did! I was there as a witness!

Jools said...

Depends what you call a heckle! They weren't heckles they were useful suggestions! :)

baggiebird said...

Excellent....He's gonna run screaming from the building when he see's you there again next Friday. I may hide ;-)