09 October 2006

4 friends, 3 cokes, 2 dvds and a dodgy loo seat

OK so I've returned from the mini meet up in Blazing Smoke and a fab time was had by all. Unfortunately Jazzer was unable to join us so it was just me, Skeddahdoodah, Little Star and Chatterbox. Can't say we put the world to right or chatted about intellectual rights of mongooses (mongeese?) but we did spend all night chatting about 2 subjects very close to our hearts.
Observations include:

how you can spot someone in a car park and know its them you're going to meet
how you can park 2 car park spaces away from another new friend, without knowing
how loo seats are obviously getting bigger, cause I fell down one!
how it's not a good idea to chuck your coke bottle at someone as they can get a little upset
and how 2 complete strangers can meet up and a) not be able to pronounce a certain blogger's name and b) admit that neither has ever tried tapas!

Girls - I had a cracking time, thank you so much for inviting me and for the dvd's (all watched already and greatly appreciated - all I can say is - pants shot!).

Really must get the teleconferencing/origami thing sorted for next time though.

~~Oh yeh and bag of minstrels to the person who can correctly guess what I spent 5 mins doing at approx 9pm last night - in the rain!~~


Billy said...

Sounds like you had fun there.

By the way, you didn't happen to see anyone dressed up as a kitten or otter? They may have turned up to the wrong blogmeet.

chatterbox said...

Hmmm - that dvd seems to cause that problem a lot.

The teleconferencing thing is a great idea, but on the evidence of Saturday night if someone needs to operate a mobile phone camera we're done for!

Glad you made it to our 'meet' anyway - I had a great time.

corin said...

Interesting Saturday nights all round, it would seem.

I'm trying to think of what you might have been doing in the rain, but, try as I may, my mind keeps going to places best kept locked in my own head and dealt with later in dreams.

I'll just have to steal the minstrels from work. *gasps at the cunning of his own criminal mind*

realdoc said...

Sounds like you all had a blast. Saw the photos in the other place.
Were you burying a dead bird in the rain?

Billy said...

"Saw the photos in the other place"

The other place? Do you mean Eton?

chatterbox said...

Were you putting down your sun umbrella Jools?