11 August 2006

Snail wall of death

Carrying on from my rather mad straw/dyson ramblings over at Billy's last night (did you finish the whole bottle Bills?) just wanted to explain the whole wall of death scenario. Not that I condone the use of any animal for one's own sick pleasure but my colleague and I did decide it would be quite a good way to choose your lottery numbers. Paint a number on each snail, pop them into your dyson and press on...not quite sure how you get them out again but would be good to see how fast they spin round with their wee antennae flying behind them like a biggles style motorcycle scarf.

Please note that I am seriously joking and own an RSPCA membership card and everything, so please don't report me.


Billy said...


I have to admit I did wonder what you meant. I had a vague idea, but didn't realise it was all about the lottery.

Oh and I've saved you a shot of the vodka. :)

Jools said...

But isn't that a bit scary I eman you were the one who was rinking and I was the sober one and you didn't udnerstand what I mean't???? I'm leraving this post with the typos as a demonstration of what drinking a bottle of ernest and juliop gallo's does for you!
Just a shot?
Why does it always make really long word verifications when i've been drinking? Here goes

Billy said...

"Just a shot?"

I'm afraid so. Luckily it is fairly generic vodka.

It's not one of the bottles from my cellar, which features an extensive range of alcoholic drinks from all over the globe.