03 August 2006

No time to blog

Hi Guys
Not feeling inspired enough to blog at the mo, but in case you haven't come here via the James, his Blue cat and Billy route then you may enjoy the following. (I've not embedded it so you can go to the link and then enjoy Ok Go's other videos).
May not blog for a couple of days as am moving pc around and being the IT biff that I am will probably not connect it all properly......Enjoy my sweet darlings.


***Ok with a little bit of help I managed to get both the pc and sky working...had plugged the monitor into the wrong connection at the back of the pc...how was I to know that only 1 of them worked! Oh and at present the monitor is actually arse faced on the wall so I'm reading blogs with a slight left tilt to my head...hmm bedroom looks good though


Billy said...

Nice video!

I dread to think how many takes that must have taken...

Rabidus Badgerus said...

It's one of those things I would get the urge to do myself, then would realise upon attempting that all I am being is a compleate ass of a badger.