10 August 2006

In honour of inter blogging couples

1. are you currently in love?
2. do you have a "one that got away?" tell us about him/her. if not, describe your last awesome partner.
Always wished I'd done the horizontal jiggle with my first love (was only 14 though)
3. what's your favourite romantic story? (this can be a movie, book, poem, story of long-lost love from a friend or relative, etc.)
When Harry met Sally
4. what's the hardest thing you've had to deal with in a relationship?
5. when it comes to lovers, are you the 'jealous type'?
Have a tendency towards it, but have usually been justified!
6. do you believe in 'love at first sight,' or do you think it's a chemical/biological lustful response? Most definitely lust at first sight
7. do you believe that a person has a 'one true love,' the person that he/she was destined to be with forever?
Nope, cause then anyone who has lost someone would be without hope
8. love gone wrong - what's the worst romantic 'horror story' you've ever heard, maybe from your friends or family, or something that's happened to you?
Believing the grass is greener and when you've suffered an abusive relationship and gone back for me...oh and yeh the fantastic women who: gave all her husband's vintage wine away to her villagers, cut out all the crotches in partner's trousers and planted grass seed in his flat and sewed salmon into his curtain linings! Ah sweet sweet justice.

Still tilting - film = Pirates of the Caribbean 2 - v good if you like looking at men in leathers (which surprisingly I do!)

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