09 August 2006

Good bloggers, nice bloggers!

Ok so why has blog central erupted with great blogs today? Heather, James and Billy all have great blogs today commenting on various blog related err stuff! Me, well nope, great big gaping hole where my brain should be, perhaps it was the glass of Pimms at our lunchtime picnic (oh yes v posh we are out in the sticks).
Snoggage did indeed end up in a great big zero on Saturday, food was ok, music was crap, couple were all loved up (they'll learn!).
Please can someone else out there tell me I'm not going mad with an image from my childhood. Prompted by James's spookah post I'm convinced I watched a short series at school about aliens that came to visit and befriended some children, but the scariest bit was the reveal when the alien child walked up the stairs. I know this makes no sense at all, but if you've seen it, please comment as I'm beginning to think I'm the only one.
Haven't got time to post right now but having completed the bedroom I was thinking of doing a bloggers bedroom post, possibly with a vote for the funkiest. If you want to participate, just post a piccie of your bedroom (preferably with your pc in it) on your blog and leave a message in the comments and I'll try to do an update every day and a vote at the end of the month...or something.
My pic to follow shortly.


Billy said...

Wasn't Heather's post excellent. I was very impressed.

Not sure about the bedroom pic, it's a bit of a mess at the moment *blushes* I should tidy it up though, so this should be the incentive I need.

Can't help you with the tv series by the way, although it does sound very good.

MJ said...

Does it have to be the entire bedroom? Can it be just a corner of the bedroom? Or a focal point of the bedroom?

Billy, make your bed.

Jools said...

Anything you like bedroomwise..I'm not fussy! :)