18 August 2006

Forensic files drinking game

If you haven’t already and have access to Sky you really must try and catch the sensationally fantastic forensic files. In a nutshell it’s how forensic science has solved crimes (mainly murders) but is American so is brilliantly over the top (and much better than forensic detectives which just tries to be a bit clever).
The best way to add to your viewing pleasure is to play the drinking game (much like 24’s god damn it and where’s Kim?).
Words you will be looking out for are:
Gaschramatagraphmassspectrometer (no idea if this is spelt right and took me 4 months to be able to pronounce it)
Luminol and the ever wonderful bloodsplatter.

Do we have one for Green Wing – I presume ‘let me finish’ has to be in there somewhere?

~~~ Just for badger badgerbadgerbadger.com thought you may be a wee bit lonely


realdoc said...

Hello jools

Anonymous said...

This is the best Forensic Files drinking game... pick three words and drink every time you hear them. Good words to pick are body, murder, DNA, evidence, investigators, killer, suspect, forensic, victim, etc. I just played and I'm so drunk right now