28 August 2006

All by myself.....

and loving it. So the housemate rang this morning to say he will be away for another night, which means I've had the house to myself since Saturday afternoon -woo hoo! Have taken full advantage of this and have watched crap like Princess Diaries (well I like it) and Harry Spachead, farted about with constant costume and make up changes, boogled myself half to death and have become Queen to King Bob in podosphere. Well not quite but you get my drift.

Soundtrack to my life - Part 1 is up, warning may inflect needless suffering to your ears and the CPPC takes no responsibility for any resulting mental illness.

Can you tell that I've also hit the bottle (I think I've emptied the stockpiles at the local Co-Op) and had a very scrummy roast dinner (and not one of those silly packet things) all to myself, with gravy and everything (although I did forget the roast tatties). I love living on my own!


Billy said...

Another podcast already? Yikes!

Well there's not much on telly so I know what my listening is going to be.

Just off to buy some booze first. There's none in the house... can you believe it?

Billy said...

That was brilliant.

Yes some of it was on the cheesy side but it was the good side of the cheesy side, if that makes any sense.

Roll on part 2.

Heather said...

Jools - some pictures that may be of interest to you over at mine.

Will listen to the podcasts tomorrow. I promise!!

Istvanski said...

Thoroughly enjoyable stuff Jools.
Re-living personal musical history is never that easy though.
It's like looking at old pictures of yourself wearing dated hairstyles.

Jools said...

Bills & Isi - thanks for the comments guys, you think that pod was bad, wait till you hear the next one!
H - and I thank you very much phwoaarr