11 July 2006

Too hot

The sun is shining, the cats are sleeping, it's too hot for anything except ice cream which is not great for the old diet! Actually mini congratulations to baby cat #1 as he caught his first mouse today...aww bless
Plus people are annoying - it's official! Supposed to have 9 people on a course tomorrow now have 6...arrghhhhhh
Sorry not a very enlightening post but today has been one of those 'can't be arsed' days and surprisingly I even got away with it and can't say I've achieved anything of note at work today.
Must get butt into gear about moving to London, tis all a bit big and scary though...baby steps, baby steps....

*** Ooh website is now registered on first page of hits on google but have completely confused MSN staff with a query regarding their results pages and they haven't spoken to me in a week as trying to figure out the problem...just try this for me (maybe it's just me). On msn set your settings so that you get 50 results per page and then do a search for something that will have loads of results, say Nicole Kidman for example. Then click to page 5 of results, then try to click (using next or the page number) to page 6 and see what happens. I keep getting the same results and no matter what page I try to click to (14, 20, 86 etc) it won't go any further than 5! If it happens, send MSN support an email, lets bombard them with it til they sort it! Alternatively you could do what MSN staff do anyway, and just use google *g*

1 comment:

Heather said...

Hey just checked that, the site is coming up at the very bottom of the second page on google, not the first. Still, well done you!

I'm very impressed.